Monday, December 22, 2008


This Christmas Cara has said some funny, funny things.

Whenever Jerry changes her dirty diapers he usually says,
"Oohh my gosh!" This time, however, Cara beat him to it.
This left the family giggling.

One day Megan was just messing around
and she put on some pink fuzzy socks.
Cara looked at them and she says "Soooo Tute (Cute)!"

Cara loves her stuffed cow that Grandma Ann got her for Christmas.
She loves it to death; she calls it "Moo." (That's Cara and Moo in the picture)

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Kristi said...

Hey! I didn't know that you have a blog page! Too cute! Cara is adorable. "Oh my gosh!". These are the little comments that I forget about so it is fun to document them. Welcome to the bloggin world. I hope you keep it up. I would love to keep up on your daily life. :)


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